Basic Rules

  • Only one registered membership per person
  • You must be a minimum of 18 years of age to register and join our Loyalty Program
  • Reward Points will ONLY apply once you have been issued with a Rewards Membership Card
  • Every time you shop with us, you will earn one point for every $1 you spend, excludes specials and markdown items
  • Members MUST produce their Membership Card before the transaction is finalised at the register
  • Points apply to Personal Customers on all products sold in the shop           
  • Registered Members will recieve $25 off the next purchase when you reach 500 points and if you are a Pensioner and/or a Senior Cardholder you will receive a bonus $10, totalling a maximum of $35 off your purchase
  • Points will be reversed on items that are refunded
  • Points can only be redeemed in multiples of 500
  • A registered card is not transferable
  • Points cannot be exchanged for cash
  • For full details, please refer to our full Terms & Conditions



Discounts to Pensioners and Senior Card Holders has now been replaced by the Rewards Club Loyalty Program points accumulation and any previous discounts will no longer apply