Terms & Conditions

Membership Terms & Conditions


Each applicant (“Member”), by acknowledging these terms and conditions or by using the membership card agrees to be bound by these Rewards Club Membership Terms and Conditions.

     1. Westnfresh Seafood operates under the parent Company Neptune Seafoods Pty Ltd

         ( ABN 44523190352, ACN 116331796 ) and will from hence forth be referred to as    Westnfresh Seafood,

         for purpose of this document.  Westnfresh Seafood , operator of the Rewards Club Program,  means those

         arrangements by which a member collects points by purchasing qualifying goods and services and thereby

         qualifies for rewards.

     2. The Member acknowledges that under the Westnfresh Seafood Rewards Club;

         a) Members may redeem points upon acquiring a total of 1000 points, and can redeem points only in

             multiples of 1000.

         b) Points will be credited on purchase of qualifying goods at a rate to be determined from time to time.

         c) Rewards will be in the form of reward points and the value to be determined by Westnfresh Seafood

             and may vary from time to time. Rewards are not redeemable for cash and the accrued value can only

             put towards the payment of future purchases from this store.

         d) Westnfresh Seafood may in its absolute discretion terminate a Member’s participation, cancel or bring

             forward the expiry date of any points, make changes to the Terms and Conditions and suspend or terminate

             the Loyalty Rewards Program.

         e) Westnfresh Seafood Rewards Club Card and points are not transferable and any redemption of points will

             not be available until after the 24 hour validation period.

          f) Points will expire 24 months from the date that points were credited to the members Rewards Club Card.

          g) Rewards Card must be produced with every purchase as points will not be credited at a later date.

      3. Westnfresh Seafood shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for any failure of equipment or delay in

          crediting points relating to any particular transaction to the Rewards Club Member.

      4. No conditions or warranties except those implied and which cannot be excluded by law are given by

          Westnfresh Seafood in respect of the award of points and any goods or services supplied upon redemption

          of points. Where it is lawful and practical to do so, the liability of Westnfresh Seafood for breach of a condition

          shall be limited to the re-supply of Rewards Club points.

      5. Each Westnfresh Seafood Rewards Member is responsible for advising any change of address or email

          address. Notwithstanding the above, Westnfresh Seafood may inform,advise and notify Rewards Members

          by any form of communication.

      6. Lost, stolen or damaged Cards should be reported to theWestnfresh Seafood on 9414 7700 or via email

          admin@westnfreshseafood.com.au .  At its absolute discretion, Westnfresh Seafood will issue a

          replacement card. Any points assigned on the lost, stolen or damaged Card will be cancelled however,

          Westnfresh Seafood may upon request transfer these points onto the replacement Card.

     7. Your Rewards Card is issued by and remains the property of Westnfresh Seafood, however we reserve the

         right at any time without notice, to:

         a) Decline to issue Cards;

         b) On reasonable grounds, withdraw or cancel Cards, entitlements, points or other benefits;

         c) terminate a cardholder’s membership in the Backyard Rewards Program; or

         d) terminate the Westnfresh Seafood Rewards Club.

     8. Reasonable grounds for withdrawal or cancellation include:

         a) any abuse or attempted abuse of the Card or the Westnfresh Seafood Rewards Club;

         b) any use or attempted use of a Card, entitlement to offers or other benefits in a manner contrary to these

             Terms and Conditions;

         c) any use or attempted use of a Card, entitlement to an offer or other benefits for purchases made by

             a person other than the primary Cardholder or any family member residing at the same address;

         d) any reasonable suspicion of dishonesty of a Cardholder in connection with the Westnfresh Seafood

             Rewards Club.

         e) any tampering or defacing or unauthorized use of a Card will render the Card invalid.

     9. Westnfresh Seafood shall not be responsible for the delay in replacing a lost, stolen or damaged Card.

   10. Westnfresh Seafood respects your privacy. We collect, store and use your personal information in accordance

         with the Privacy Act 1988 and shall not disclose your personal information to any third party or persons.

   11. Westnfresh Seafood reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate these Terms and Conditions at any

         time in its absolute discretion without giving a reason and without notice.