Fresh Fish & Seafood from Our Store in Perth

Enjoy Fresh Seafood in Perth

Nothing beats the taste of fresh fish. So when you crave savoury seafood fare, you need to know where to go to get the freshest fish on the market. At WestnFresh Seafood in Perth, we provide you with fish straight from the boats of local fishermen.

Experience Our Value

At WestnFresh, we know how important quality seafood is to you. Our goal is to develop an excellent relationship with our customers. We strive to meet the highest standards of handling. We transport the fish, shellfish, molluscs and other gourmet meats we offer from the boats of local fishermen to our premises.

Whether you want to purchase seafood to prepare yourself or enjoy something from our in-house menu, our team can help you find what you need at fair and reasonable prices. We also offer gift cards that can make a great present for any occasion.

Browse Our Seafood Selection Below

If you are looking for a wide variety of fresh seafood, visit WestnFresh Seafood. You can browse our selection of seafood below. Contact us today to make sure we have the fish you want in stock or to learn about our catch of the day.



Pink Snapper Rankin Cod Dhufish
Goldband Snapper Estuary Cod Coral Trout
Sand Snapper Spotted Cod Baldchin Groper
Frypan Snapper Bar Cod Nannygai
Spangled Emperor Red Emperor Gummy Shark
Tasmanian Salmon Red Throat Emperor      Bronze Whaler
NZ King Salmon Blue Spot Emperor Tuna
Spanish Mackerel  Red Spot Emperor Swordfish
Shark Bay Mullet Shark Bay Tailor Shark Bay Whiting
Whitebait Herring



Fresh Crabs Fresh Oysters Prawns
Soft-shell Crabs Oyster Meat Clams
Local Mussels NZ Greenlip Mussels NZ Clams
Morton Bay Bugs WA Lobsters



NZ Smoked Salmon  Marinated Mussels Chilli Squid
Gravalax Marinated Octopus Garlic Squid
Pastrami Salmon Patties                 Crumbed Calamari
Smoked Mussels Chilli Prawn Skewers Lemon Pepper Squid
Smoked Squid Legs Garlic Prawn Skewers Garlic Prawns
Prawn Flesh



Squid Tubes Squid Legs
Baby Squid Squid Rings
Octopus Baby Octopus

 NOTE: We apologise should any of our products not be available from time to time