How To Cook Fresh Fish & Seafood


Most fillets only need 2-3 minutes on either side. Any more and they might lose that delicious buttery softness you’re looking for. The rest is up to you: season before or after you cook, keep the skin on for a crispy finish or remove it for a lighter meal Octopus and squid are also incredibly easy to pan fry. There are loads of ways to stir fry shallow fry, sear and season WA molluscs depending on how you like to eat them.

Deep frying

Recreate your favourite Friday night fish and chips at home by cutting fish into evenly sized pieces, applying a light batter, and frying until golden brown. The fish will cook inside the batter, so there’s no need to overdo it

Oven baking

Whole fish and large fillets are delicious baked in the oven. The rule of thumb is 5 minutes per 100g in a 180° oven, or 10 minutes per inch of thickness. We can give you more accurate instructions for the fillet you buy over the WestnFresh counter

Barbecue and grill

For the perfect barbecued fish, use a good brush of oil and grill for 3-4 minutes each side just like you would with a steak. Or cover in a foil packet and cook for 10 minutes (15 for a thicker fillet) and finish with a lemon and herb drizzle Prawns, crabs and lobster also go great on the barbecue. Shell your prawns (or don’t, you’re the chef!) and cook over the grill or barbecue plate for 4-6 minutes on high heat, turning once


Thin fish fillets can make a quick and healthy microwave meal. Simply garnish with your favourite herbs and lemon juice if you like, then cook for 4 minutes on medium heat (50% power), turning once at 2 minutes


Steaming is one of the easiest and most authentic cooking methods for all types of seafood. Fresh fish fillets take around 6-10 minutes depending on their size. Whole crabs and lobster might take a little longer (up to 20 minutes) but if you don’t have a steamer, simply place them in a pot of boiling salted water and let them cook until they are the right colour – it’s that easy

Don’t Overthink It: How You Know When Fish Is Cooked

Preparing fish is often a case of “less is more”. Try to cook on moderate heat and take your fish and seafood off the heat before it’s overcooked. Let it sit for a few minutes to release all the best flavours. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try raw fish recipes like ceviche and sushi. But make sure to talk to WestnFresh first, to make sure you’re getting the right fillets and preparing the fish safely

Storing Seafood & Fresh Fish

Fresh fish is best kept in the fridge and cooked within 2 days, or 24 hours for shellfish. If you notice an overly ‘fishy’ smell or your seafood has started to look slimy, then it had probably sat in the fridge for too long

Fish, molluscs and shellfish can all be frozen for up to 4 months. Just make sure you only defrost it once for the best flavours and safe preparation

Thawing frozen seafood

Plan ahead when thawing seafood: when you freeze fish, separate the fillets for easy defrosting later. Try to defrost slowly in the fridge, although most seafood can be defrosted faster by thawing in the microwave. Check it regularly to make sure you don’t start cooking it

From line-caught white fish like pink snapper, dhufish
barramundi, cod and emperor fillets, to fresh shellfish, squid, octopus, and even ready-to-eat meals, WestnFresh has it all at family-friendly prices. Ask us for specific cooking tips next time you visit