Honey Garlic Salmon

This Honey Garlic Salmon is a terrific way to serve salmon that is just crazy quick in just 15 minutes and crazy delicious! It’s all about the sauce and the freshest salmon in Perth.
– 4 tbsp honey
– 2 tbsp soy sauce (all purpose or light soy sauce)
– 1 tbsp white vinegar (or sub with any other vinegar except balsamic)
– 1 large garlic clove (or 2 small) , minced
– 2 Westnfresh salmon fillets, skinless (200g each)
– Olive oil
– Salt and pepper
– Sesame seeds
– Finely sliced chives or shallots/scallions
Take salmon out of the fridge 20 minutes before cooking. Pat salmon skin dry with a paper towel and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Whisk together the Sauce ingredients in a small bowl.
Drizzle oil in a non stick fry pan and heat over medium high heat. Place salmon in the pan, and cook the first side for 3 – 4 minutes until golden. Turn, then cook the other side for 2 – 3 minutes or until golden.
Pour Sauce over salmon. Cook for 1 minute or until it starts to thicken slightly. Check the side of the salmon to tell how cooked through the middle it is. If Sauce thickens too much before your salmon is cooked to your taste, just add water 1 tbsp at a time.
Remove onto serving plates. Serve salmon drizzled with Sauce, sprinkled with sesame seeds and chives/shallots, if desired.